The Weird Normal For A Family In The Eyes Of A Little Girl

Normal families usually include a mother, father, sibling setting right? Well that wasn’t my reality, mine was mother and mother’s secret boyfriend. Father with fathers secret girlfriend. Even being really young you pretty much know that isn’t normal but being young you don’t really take it into consideration that much, I mean we had to act like the perfect family for the worlds view. Except it wasn’t normal, I knew better not to mention to either parent about their other significant other, but being grilled and asked all the time sometimes I would slip and accidentally tell. I was just tired of the arguing, the fighting, the being woken up in the middle of the night by fighting because once again mom came home drunk to fight with dad. I don’t know how many times being drug out of bed in the middle of the night cause one of them found out where the other one was. Mommy I would yell daddy is beating up your boyfriend or vice versa. That was my normal version of a “family.” The time finally came for the divorce, I know most kids would be distraught but honestly I was relieved. I was tired of faking a happy family when in reality it was complete chaos behind closed doors. How worse could it get now right? The question you should never ask yourself because it can be. I was a daddy’s girl but his new girlfriend wanted me out of the picture you see because she had her own daughters who needed a father, so slowly I was pushed aside with my dad being oblivious to what was happening not seeing how she was always making me feel uncomfortable being there, made it known by her I wasn’t welcomed. I quit coming around I quit trying I wasn’t relevant anymore he had 3 other daughters to take care of now. Now I didn’t have my dad and was stuck with my mother. See she’s a narcissist & needs someone around to make miserable that’s how she thrives. She’s a puppet master and loves pulling on those strings. I had no one when I needed them the most. She ended up being in the bars mostly every night bringing home every joe blow anyways so at least I had that to give me a break from the mental destruction that was leading me too. Even with growing up thinking that was normal it made me know what I didn’t want to be like. So far have succeeded and will make sure I never do. With that being said I’m going to end it right there, there’s more that builds up to all of this but I’ll continue it later. Read More