I Might Be A Little Chaotic But At Least I’m Delightful

Well I am 27 year old, sarcastic, stubborn, & feisty woman. I have two sons ages 11 and 7, who are complete opposites and they are my world. I have decided to start blogging, I have no idea if I will be good at it but it’s worth a try. In my 27 years of life I’ve honestly had more then my fair shares of chaos. I have always said there was a dark cloud that follows me around. I decided to write about experiences I have suffered to reach out to those who maybe have experienced the same thing or are silently suffering. My goal is to let others know they are not alone and can reach out to me about anything, because I have most likely been through a similar situation and if I haven’t then I’m always here to talk. I have suffered mental, emotional, & domestic abuse. I’ve dealt with narcissists, sociopaths, & pathological liars. So obviously I’ve also dealt with my fair share of mental health issues & anxiety, along with autoimmune diseases that are chronic. Like I said a dark cloud follows me. Through all of the things I have been through I have survived even surviving a suicide attempt which I honestly shouldn’t have, but I’m glad I did. So I’m hoping I am here for a reason, even if it is just impacting one persons life by reaching out. I will not let my past define me or my happiness. I might be empathetic but I am done being other people’s stepping stone. If you are a survivor or silently suffering please reach out whenever you need to. I’m always available most of the time & will get back as soon as I can if you do reach out, there is no judgement here. Don’t forget to hit That subscribe and follow button.

Much Love❤️

-Delightfully Chaotic 💋

He Stole Her Soul.

She had fire that burned with passion in her heart.

Her eyes would sparkle with the sun light.

Her smile & laugh were so bright.

She had a wild soul full of love that you could fall in love with that first sight.

She fell head over heels for the perfect guy.

She was so in love where she felt so high.

Until the day he took off his mask.

He started ruining her more each day.

It all happened so fast she didn’t know what to say.

She lost that sparkle in her eye as each day went by.

She always questioned him why.

As she covered up the bruises in the mirror.

She knew this wasn’t love that was getting clearer.

Her self worth and soul were taken away.

He made sure of that by each day.

She questioned herself & wondered what she did so wrong.

All she did was show him love all along.

The violence got worse but she kept it inside.

Her smile wasn’t bright anymore as she tried to hide behind it.

She just couldn’t take it anymore one bit.

He took away her soul as to where she was weak.

He made sure she believed she was a freak.

She started to think about who she used to be.

Each bruise and cut, she just thought how could this be me.

She knew she wouldn’t make it if she were to stay.

She just couldn’t seem to find her way.

Her soul was broken so what could she do.

He had already managed to take everyone away from her too.

Finally she realized she has had enough.

She remembered she used to be tough.

She took her broken soul & finally broke free.

She finally realized what she couldn’t see.

She got the strength and walked away.

She knew if she stayed she would be dead one day.